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    Rakeback offers explained

    The ‘rake’ is the amount the poker room removes from each pot, as a fee, for hosting/offering the poker game. The amount taken from each pot varies by limits, but is generally anywhere from $1-$3 on average per hand.

    When you sign up with a poker room through Free Poker Portal, you will receive a refund for every $1.00 that you pay in rake. This refund is known as rakeback. No matter what limits you play, whether you are a professional or just play poker for fun, receiving rakeback will greatly increase your win-rate, and allow you to make more money.

    Each poker room may have a different term for “Total Rake” or “Net Revenue”, but it is essentially the total rake paid by you as calculated by the poker room. When Free Poker Portal pays your rakeback, it is always a percentage of your Net Revenue.

    In the online poker world, there are at least four different ways that a site will calculate the rake that a player generates.

    Dealt: The easiest method of calculating rake generated. It is calculated simply by dividing the rake taken from the table by the amount of players dealt cards in the hand. Example: $1 rake with 10 players dealt cards. Each player would receive $0.10 in MGR attributed to them.

    Average Contributed: Contributed rake is calculated by taking the amount of rake taken from the table and dividing it between the players who made a contribution to the pot. A player who folded before the flop and did not contribute at all to the pot would not get credit for any rake. Example: $1 rake with 10 players dealt cards, 4 of which contribute to the pot (including both blinds). Each player would get credit for $0.25 in MGR.

    Weighted Contributed: Weighted contributed is like contributed, but is different in the fact that it allocates MGR based on how much of the pot a player contributed to. Example: Three players contributed money to the pot. The pot is $20 with a $1 rake. Player 1 and player 2 each contributed $8 and player 3 contributed the remaining $4. Player 1 and 2 would each receive 40% of the rake in MGR ($0.40) and Player 3 would receive the remaining 20% ($0.20).

    Ongame Essence: Essentially they use a weighted contributed method and then adjust the numbers based on a player’s skill level. A player who is superior to his opponents will earn fewer points; a interior player would earn more. Based on reports we have received from players, the calculation is generally no more than +/- 25%. An exact formula has not been released by Ongame.

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