Famous in the poker world as “The Great Dane”, Gustav Hansen aka Gus Hansen was born in 1974 in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. In his childhood Gus loved to play games like backgammon and made a good level. Gus took the decision that the Danish backgammon market is not enough for him when he was 20 years old. He moved to the United States with the ambition to settle down in Santa Cruz, California. Gus’s dream was to play cards in this sunny place, and he started playing different variations of poker games.

During these years of experience he discovered that his fancy and eccentric style work successful for him, due to his unpredictable and aggressive playing style.

But suddenly, a letter from the Danish military service obliged Gus Hansen to come back as a civil servant in the Danish army. When he completed his duty to his country, the boy from Denmark decided to come back to the United States for another shot of a big score. This time he went to New York instead. Gus felt that his abilities would make him a poker star.

2002 is the year Gus Hansen won his first major tournament win. It was at the Bellagio casino, where the World Poker Tour was held. In this significant poker event Gus showed intelligence and good skills and successfully won the tournament and took home more then half a million dollars. Since than Gus Hansen is one of the most famous poker pros on the tournament circuit.

Gus likes to win and he achieves great tournament results his special and unique playing style. His win list is remarkable and includes the World Poker Tour main event, World Poker Tour Los Angeles Poker Classic, 2003 – third place, World Poker Tour Five Diamonds, 2003 – first place, World Poker Tour Diamonds, 2002 – first place, Aussie Millions, 2007 – first place.

As you can see, Gus Hansen has won multiple major tournaments and is one of few players to have done so, making him one of the most feared players in any tournament. More recently, Gus Hansen added to his long list of major tournament wins by taking down the 2010 WSOP Europe High Roller event.

At the moment Gus Hansen has a big reputation in the poker world. His style of play has a lot of fans, who follow him no matter where he goes. Because of his charm, Gus was listed in the 2004 People Magazines article, 50 Sexiest People. This successful combination of beauty, charm and money makes the ladies dream comes true. Gus loves girls and girls love Gus, but at this exact moment he is single. The answer is his own individual nature and freedom in life. He explains that he does not want to make compromises with his life and that the independence is very important for him.

Gus Hansen is respected by poker players from all over the world with his fantastic abilities and intellect. His remarkable brilliance at No Limit Texas Holdem table is entertaining to watch.

As have other famous poker pros, Gus published his own book with advice and advanced tournament strategy. The book is very suitable not only for experienced players, but for amateurs. In his book “Every Hand Revealed”, Gus analyzes the hands that he played after winning the 2007 Aussie Millions tournament.

As of 2014, his total live tournament winnings exceed $11,200,000.

On October 2, 2012, Hansen was signed again as the first brand ambassador under the new management team of Full Tilt Poker and you can see him playing high stakes online poker on this site.

In the photo: Gus Hansen vs. Obrestad – Mar. 2014