Add any of the 361 FontAwesome icons by just using a shortcode, you can choose the size and the type (Normal or with background), add them anywhere you want in your content. Be it a heading, paragraph or a link. The color of the icon will be based on the color of the text where you would be adding the icon

Action Icons:

Action icons will have be rounded icons with a nice round background, the normal action icons will have the theme color as the Text Color and have a nice hover effect. An alternate type of action icon is also available which will allow you to change the background color and the text color, however it will not have the hover effect. Action icons have 6 different sizes, check them out below

 Action Icons Alternate:

The alternate action icon lets you choose any background color and the text color, become creative an choose your own colors!

Inline icons:

You can also insert icons inline anywhere in your content