• Jan

    Maria Konnikova Is The Winner Of The PCA Nat’l Championship

    Maria Konnikova played against Alexander Ziskin in the PCA Nat’l Championship, with the “New Yorker” writer Maria Konnikova emerging victorious. Thanks to Seidel, Maria Konnikova became a true poker winner in less than a year. She is also a New York Times best-selling author, whose works included The Biggest Bluff. At the PCA Nat’l Championship, […] Read More

  • Oct

    How to Approach Poker Bluffing – A Few Suggestions

    There are poker gamblers and there are poker gamblers, some like to approach the game without any risky chances while others like to include the element of risk through bluffing. But this later procedure is not for everyone, especially if you are new to poker games. Bluffing actually means to induce your opponents into believing […] Read More

  • Sep

    Playing Live Poker in Las Vegas – Harrah’s and the Imperial Palace Poker Rooms

      Sitting right next to each other, a few doors down from the Flamingo, are Harrah’s and the Imperial Palace. All three hotel/casinos are now part of the Harrahs empire but that’s where the similarities end. On the site where Harrah’s stands today, the Holiday Casino and its legendary $1.99 breakfast buffets stood in the […] Read More

  • Nov

    Gus Hansen

    Famous in the poker world as “The Great Dane”, Gustav Hansen aka Gus Hansen was born in 1974 in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. In his childhood Gus loved to play games like backgammon and made a good level. Gus took the decision that the Danish backgammon market is not enough for him when he […] Read More