If you are a poker player who likes being challenged in a completely different way than with any poker table gambling, you may want to take a look at the online poker tournaments that are available for poker enthusiasts. It is definitely a new perspective over the game of poker because you have the chance not only to win big money, but also to play with people from all over the world.

It is interesting to know that these tournaments are presented in different types and before you enrol in any of them, you should take a look at the differences and see which one appeals to you the best. They are not different in their structure but they are as well different in the variations they present for poker players.

The route is as follows: when you want to enrol in the tournament you need to pay an entrance fee in exchange of which you are given with a number of chips. Every player who joins in receives the same number of chips because the fee is the same for every joining player. All the money that is gathered in fees is pooled for the big prize. This is how these online poker tournaments have the money to reward the winner. So, if you want to win the prize, you need to have the biggest number of chips of all. It goes without saying, that the more players join in the higher goes the prize!

Now speaking of differences, there are other online poker tournaments that will only pay a minimum prize regardless how many players have joined the tournament. So, this can be a selection criterion for you: want to a bigger prize, then you must select the website tournament that offers the biggest prize. There are other tournaments requiring a high entrance fee, but they are more commonly known as high stake poker tournaments.

Another difference comes with the variations of poker games. The most favorite one is Texas Hold ’em Poker, but there are also others to choose from, such as: Five Card Draw, Omaha, Caribbean Stud, Seven Card Stud, and so on. The point is that you should stick to the poker game that you know the best, because in this way you have more chances to win the tournament.

Beside the paid online poker tournaments, there are freeroll types where you will get bonuses or all sorts of other promotions if you join any of these tournaments. It is definitely a must for those who are new comers in these types of competitions.

The other notable difference, comes with the satellite tournaments where you have the chance to win your entrance to more prestigious tournaments, which is a challenge for any poker enthusiast player who cannot otherwise afford joining these famous competitions.